Why in Turkey do we need all passengers details in airport transfers?

In Turkey, it is a legal requirement for all passengers’ details to be collected for airport transfers. This is done for security reasons and to comply with Turkish immigration laws.

The reason we need list of all passenger and their details

It is not something that we decided about, if you use tourism services of any company in Turkey, you need to support all these passengers names, family names and passport numbers. There is a process named  UETDS Unscheduled Passenger Transport Notification Procedures ( UETDS Tarifesiz Yolcu Taşımacılığı Bildirim İşlemleri ) that submitted by TURKEY tourism ministry and all companies must fulfill it. So after your reservation we need you to provide these details.

When you book an airport transfer in Turkey, the company providing the transfer will collect your personal details including your full name, passport number, flight details, and contact information. This information is then shared with the Turkish authorities to ensure that you are permitted to enter the country.

Additionally, collecting passenger details also helps to ensure that your transfer runs smoothly. It allows the transfer company to plan your pickup and drop-off times and ensure that everything is in order before you arrive. This helps to prevent delays and ensures that you arrive at your destination safely and on time.